Ok, ok...I'm sorry! There will be taste bud tantalizing posts in the near future. I promise!

Vaughn and I are mostly unpacked. I've been trying to find work and going through my nesting phase of the move. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced the USB cable for my camera when we moved.

And what's a food and photography blog without delicious looking photos?!

...just a bunch of words.


On another note...

Today I was flying home via Columbus from a lecture at Ohio University. I was making my way through security and just before I got in line for the metal detectors, my cousin Beth pops up! She was with her sister Kim and were enjoy a cup of coffee before going through security. I got out of line and sat down to chat for a little bit. We got onto the topic of cooking because they both love to cook and enjoy checking out this blog. They suggested that I write a cookbook and take photographs for it, so I've been kicking that idea around in my head since then.

If I were to write a cookbook, it would have to be titled Gwen in the Kitchen. I'm no five-star chef whipping up masterful creations with top-quality ingredients. Just an everyday person in the kitchen, armed with self-taught culinary knowledge and the essential tools of the trade.

I want to share with others my passion for food without the fuss. Delicious, simple recipes that anyone can make. I want to show people how to eat consciously by knowing where their food comes from and how it impacts the world. There will be an emphasis on vegetarian, flexitarian, seasonal, sustainable, and local ways to enjoy food.

Who knows if I will actually write it, but it seems like a fun goal to work towards.