Back, and here to stay!

Yikes! I see it has been over a year since my last post! Some of my friends and family have asked about my blog and if I'd ever start posting again. Yes. A thousand times yes!

The past year has been a wee bit rough, mostly on the occupational and health end of the spectrum. In February, however, I started a great job in the kitchen at a natural foods co-op. I started out making sandwiches and salads, but was promoted to the "dough station" in May. The dough station consists of making empanadas, pasties, quiches, etc. Delicious!

Me in the kitchen making Red Curry Tofu Wraps. Yum!

Also in February, actually the same day that I found out I got the new job, my health took a little nose dive. Bear with me as I explain.

When I was little, I would faint from time to time. This mostly happened while standing still for a while, especially on hot days or in church. The fainting more or less stopped as I got older, and only became light headed on occasion. During my junior year of college, the fainting started up again, and I was referred to a cardiologist. After being subjected to a myriad of tests, I was told I have neurocardiogenic syncope, also called vasovagal syncope.

Back to February. My husband and I were at my favorite restaurant celebrating my new job. After finishing our dinner and ordering our desserts, I felt very ill. I was experiencing all the presyncope signs, except I was just sitting in the chair, waiting for my cupcake. We quickly paid the check and got out of the restaurant, and the moment I stepped outside, I fainted.

I had developed a new fainting trigger - eating. Since I eat several times a day, you can see how this new trigger can get a little bothersome. I found a new cardiologist in my area who has done research on the subject, and he has put me on beta blocker called Metoprolol to regulate my heart rate, and a corticosteroid called Fludricortisone to help me retain salt. Although these drugs keep me conscious and upright, they also make me very tired, and mess with my electrolyte levels.

Why am I telling you all this, and how does it tie in with Gwen in the Kitchen? To help alleviate my condition and the side effects of the drugs, I've decided to be more proactive about my health and diet. In addition to the usual food photos and tasty recipes, I will be using Gwen in the Kitchen to keep track of my dietary endeavors and overall health. I encourage any support or insight, especially if you have a particular knowledge of or passion for nutrition.

Thanks for being patient, and check back soon for a new post!

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