It's the little things that matter...

In Alternative Agriculture (I'll call it Alt Ag for short), we are required to give a 20 minute presentation on a topic of our choice. I've chosen to present and demonstrate information about preserving the food that comes out of your garden. I think this is the only time I've been excited about giving a presentation of any kind.

Trese asked us to post our topics on the discussion board of the class's Blackboard site. Many of the topics are broad: solar power, wind power, hemp, fertilizer, etc. These are the cop out topics since there is so much information available and many ways they can present it. Then there are a few students who have specific topics with some thought and effort put into it: agricultural extension in West Africa (Ghana), micro financing in developing countries, and the use of public land for agriculture.

I feel a little silly with my topic, but this is useful knowledge that I want to pass along. If people want to live more sustainably, they need to start small. We're covering a great step toward sustainability in this class, which is growing a small organic garden. But what do you do with the excess crops that you can't eat right away? Preserve them of course!

Last summer, Vaughn worked for Rural Action and often worked at the Chester Hill Produce Auction. Local farmers bring their produce to auction off and anyone can bid on the lots. The auction is a great way to buy farm fresh produce and help the local farmers (farmers are the backbone of our society). Our kitchen was overflowing with peaches, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and so much more. Since we could only eat so much of the plethora of goodies, I taught myself how to can and pickle the leftover produce.

Why buy canned, frozen, and dried food when you can make your own with produce straight from your garden?

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